Rock Hard Abs – How To Get Them

Just Movie Magic or Real??

The movie (2007) “300” was the story of the Spartans who held back the mighty Persian horde at the pass of Thermopylae. The Spartans, led by their King, Leonidas, were the front line for a small band of Greeks who blocked that mountain pass so the invading Persians couldn’t descend into Greece.

It was a heroic movie and the cast, headed by Gerald Butler as Leonidas, looked the part.  The actors playing the Spartans all had these amazing rock hard abs, and if you’re anything like me, I bet you found yourself wondering how they got such a great look! Is it all from ab workouts?

More movies which shows actors, like Brad Pitt, who have rocked their abs is (2004) Troy and (2010) Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time, which shows how Jake Gyllenhaal transformed himself from a “normal” guy to Prince Dastan (an orphan in the Persian Empire adopted by the king) who mastered the art of developing his abs.

Brad Pitt & Gerard Butler Abs
But guess what? The secret to having those amazing abdominal muscles that looked flexed all the time is getting an animator to doctor the film. Hey, I’ve seen photos of Butler and Gyllenhaal and they don’t have the rock hard abs as shown in that film, nor do the other actors . . . at least not the constantly flexed look we saw in the movie! So, it’s some movie magic, not just ab workouts.

The real secret on how to get rock hard abs lies in two things “ab workouts” and “diet.” Actors like Gerard Butler, Brad Pitt and Jake Gyllenhaal obviously include ab workouts and diet in their routines.

Ab Workouts
You have to work your midsection correctly in order to build those abdominals. Then you have to diet to rid your body of subcutaneous fat so those abs can be displayed. For a way to build those chiseled abs, we turn to real champions, like Brian Wade and Jill Wade, with real abdominal development and share their secrets.

The abdominals are only one muscle group in several that make up your “core.” The obliques and lower back are also important parts of what make up you midsection. All of these muscles should be worked and developed.

Fortunately, a time saving targeted device “The Flex Belt” can help you flex and define just the right muscles, building your core muscles to develop those abs you want so badly.

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