Facial Toner – Experience the New Facial Toner

Imagine the muscles in your face. Yep! We have lots of them. You can thank them for your ability to express emotions, like surprise, happiness, playfulness or sadness. The problem is that over time, as we age, these muscles weaken and waste away. This atrophy causes the facial skin to sag and wrinkle.

In the past it has been difficult to treat these muscles without causing other problems like:-

  • more wrinkling from exaggerated facial exercises
  • pain and expense of invasive treatments like botox injections, surgery, or other time and money consuming salon treatments

Now there is a painless, natural alternative to these expensive, difficult options. The Facial Toner (TM). Using safe, time-tested, stimulation technology that has been used for decades in doctor’s offices and spas to improve appearance and muscle health.

Facial TonerThe Facial Toner™ is patented product designed for ease of use. The Facial Toner is like a headset, the gel pads sit on both sides of your face and gently stimulate all your facial nerves, which in turn effectively exercise your facial muscles in a massage-like effect. The beautifully presented product is FDA Cleared so you can rely on its safety.

Experience has shown just 20 minutes use each day can rejuvenate your face to more youthful levels.

Operated by a small rechargeable hand held controller which provides 0-99 levels of intensity to allow you to adapt your “facial workout” perfectly. The Facial Toner™ is hands free. There is no mess. The gel is contained within medical-grade gel pads, so you don’t have to worry about applying  it. The Facial Toner™ works perfectly every time without you having to even think about it. You can use Facial Toner™ at your convenience, maybe while working on your computer, talking on the phone, watching TV, or just relaxing. Facial Toner™ does all the work to restore your natural beauty so you get all the benefits.

In 2011 the Facial Toner™ took the UK by storm. It was exclusively sold at the world’s most elite department store… Harrods London. Facial Toner™ was instantly a huge success and immediately became the Best selling product in Harrods’ Prestigious Beauty Apothecary Department. Within weeks, the store had a 2,000 person waiting list to get Facial Toner™ as the sales demand for the product grew too quickly for the stock on hand. Now that Facial Toner™ is officially FDA Cleared, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to be one of the first in America to experience this revolutionary product that will change anti-aging as we know it today.

Getting optimum results is easy. Use Facial Toner™ 20 minutes a day, five days a week, for 12 weeks. Once you are done with your initial 12 weeks, an easy maintenance program of twice a week will sustain your optimum appearance – all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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 Hercules – 1958 – Steve Reeves

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Bloodsport – 1988 – Jean Claude  Van Damme


300 – 2007 – Gerard Butler

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Conan the Barbarian – 1982 – Arnold Swartzenegger

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Flex Belt Video – Almost X Rated!

Flex Belt users have a laugh!

Plus they get results – go easy on the contraction strength settings – allow the programs to start low and increase strength of the contractions as you progress.  Enter FLEX10OFF promo code for 10% discount.

Flex Belt Ab Toning – Comparisons

Flex Belt 10% Discount

Flex Belt Special offer
Special Offer 10% Discount Shown on Order Page

A lot of people want to get toned abs but they’re simply too busy and do not have the time to go to the gym. They also do not want to do endless numbers of sit ups and crunches in their home. This is the reason why ab belts such as the Flex Belt were invented.

Ab toning belts helps you workout your abdominals and core area even if you are too busy or too worn-out to do a standard exercise routine. All you have to do is just slip on the Flex Belt and the clinically proven and patented medical-grade technology will work to stimulate the nerves in your core area that causes the muscles to contract and relax. This is exactly the same contraction you have while exercising your core area.

Flex Belt Comparison click here
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The Flex Belt contracts your abs as much as 150 times per session. The result is that you get an consistent intensive ab workout that tightens, tones, and strengthens the majority of your stomach muscles in merely 30 minutes each day. You can have stronger and tighter abdominals in only just a few weeks. It’s important to realise that the Flex Belt is not a weight loss device, while you do expend some energy through muscle contractions, it is an ab toning device.  There are a lot of people who aren’t overweight but just can’t find the time to safely exercise their abs.

The Flex Belt is the first and only abdominal belt toning system that has been FDA cleared for strengthening the ab muscle groups. It contains the exact same EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology that is used by physical therapists to train the muscles of patients that cannot do it as successfully by themselves. It is the first EMS product cleared with the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to consumer sales.

This ab toning belt works so well as a result of its successful design. The distinctive construction features three pre-positioned, medical-grade gel pads, that cover the central stomach muscles and the external obliques. These gel pads send out signals that reaches nerves where they are the most concentrated. These nerves branch out to reach virtually most of the abdominal muscles and not just those that are below the gel pads. It causes the abs to contract and relax in a natural way, working out all the ab muscles at the same time.

The producer of the Flex Belt is a therapeutic device company that is located in Galway, Ireland. The company has more than forty years of experience at designing and developing EMS devices for both medical and home use. Today EMS medical products widely-used and approved in over 5,000 clinics around the world.

Flex Belt Special OfferSpecial Offer 10% Discount Shown on Order Page

Results from a clinical study shows the effectiveness of the Flex Belt. In the 6-week trial conducted by Dr. John Pacari of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 100% of the individuals in the study reported their abs felt more toned and streghtened. 92.3% also reported the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased.

If you want to compare the Flex Belt with other ab devices take a look at the Flex Belt website, they have side by side comparisons many other devices.  Just go to the Flex Belt website and scroll down a little till you see this area shown below.  Take some time and check out the comparisons at the official Flex Belt website.

Flex Belt Discount Coupon – Reviews

Flex Belt Reviews

As with anything you’re thinking about buying, it’s interesting to read the reviews of people who have brought and used the product, the Flex Belt.

Here are some reviews about the Flex Belt:-

Good tool for Ab reduction

“1 Jul 2008 – Nali Anderson of Hawaii, US writes about the Flex Belt:

I am a physical therapist and we use the same technique to sustain muscles after a person has an injury. With that being said, my patients still need to exercises. No, this is not a quick and easy way to slim your body and it’s far from a magical cure but if used with appropriate diet and exercise it can be an effective tool in toning your abdominal muscles and contributing to the overall process of improving your body. I use it and it has worked great”

Using the belt for 3 years…

11 Nov 2008 – Leo of New Jersey, U.S.A. writes about the Flex Belt:

“The belt works for me, twice/day for three years. Before putting it on I clean lint off my belly, then put it on and wait 2-3 minutes for pads to warm up and adhere to skin for better conductivity. I leave it on at maximum time and intensity settings. I also watch my diet and do other exercises. I have never liked sit ups or crunches, so this has filled the void for me. I’m 65 years old and loving my body and life! Get off the sofa, exercise, and eat better foods.”

24 Mar 2008 – Rick of MD, USA writes about the Flex Belt :

“If you have a big belly and want to get a 6 pack? Do cardio and stop eating so much. This isn’t a quick fix. The only way you will see results is if you already have a solid core to begin with and just want to “exercise” it a different way. Does it work? Yes. For people with 4 packs already.”

Flex Belt


26 Oct 2007 – LON of California, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“ok when i got this product i was kinda taken back i looks cheap and has very little to no wieght to it. but after the first five min. wow you can really feel it. you might have to set it to a higher setting if you a heavy person. my setting in between 60-70. but in just two day you will feel the differents. now remeber this doesn’t mean you can ” eat anything you want” or this is the only thing to do to get in shape. but it does help alot, so eat right, do other types of work out and use this belt and see and feel the results.”

helps my abs AND my back pain

22 Oct 2007 – Diane of New York, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“I’ve been using the belt 3 weeks, twice a day. I love it. Not only is my lower tummy pooch flatter and my abs overall more defined, the sensations from the belt have actually eased up back pains I have been having constantly for months! I changed the pads only once in 3 weeks and that was 2 days ago. I still do other ab work but only once a week now instead of 3 times which is wonderful”

Flex Belt Before/After

10% Discount shows on Order Page

Surprisingly, it works!

20 Sep 2007 – Kevin of California, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“Yes, it works. I have tried this for 2 weeks (very skeptical at first)and saw results after a few days. My wife likes it, too. At a higher level, above 70 or so, my back aches a little. My wife equates it to backaches in early contraction before delivery. I hate situps so I’m glad to have this product.”

Flex Belt Comparison click here
i used mine twice a day level 4 for 40 minutes

14 Aug 2007 – Lane of Guam, Guam writes about the Flex Belt:

“It works. I think. I cheated i was desperate, ive tried many different workouts and none seem to give me the results i was looking for. i saw the infomercial got it and used it twice a day everyday at level 4 for 40 mintues each session. i never had a problem with my middle region but ive always wanted the whole toned look you see on tv. ive done alot to define my abs and it wasnt until i started using slendertone when i actualy noticed definition. it would have taken me years to get here and with the help of slendertone it took me months to reach my goal. it definitely is worth giving the chance. it worked for me.”

I don’t regret purchasing this.

24 Jul 2007 – Cindy of New York, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“I’m a nurse and am generally skeptical about things like this but I’ve had this product for about 8 weeks now and use it at least 5 times a week at the highest level and I think it works. I hate doing sit ups because I always thought it was ineffective but after using this, I actually feel my abdominal muscles contract while doing sit ups. I’m not overweight but I’ve always had a little abdominal flab that I’ve just never been able to get rid of. Slendertone helped me pass that little hurdle and I feel that I’m actually getting somewhere with a little extra exercising and watching what I eat. I do wish the product was cheaper but I nevertheless, the money I spent on it in exchange for how I feel about my body now is worth it.”

Skeptical at first

11 Jul 2007 – Olivia of New York, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“When I started using this product I was really skeptical, but I am not an athletic person so I decided to try it. I am 44, was not really overweight, but I have always had a “soft” abdomen, especially “the pouch” that I really hate. Well, I just started level 4 (the last level) and I can see the difference!! My abs are visible now (they are not still hard rock abs but you can now see them). I still have “the pouch” but is definitively smaller and my stomach in general looks firmer. I am not really dieting; I just decided to make some changes at the same time: reduced sugar intake and started eating more fruit and vegetables. Finally, the best part: Seeing how my abdomen is changing has motivated me to work out more for the first time in my life.”

Flex Belt Special offer
It’s not magic, but it works.

15 Apr 2007 – John of Florida, USA writes about the Flex Belt:

“PROS: It works. You put it on, turn up the juice, and your abs start contracting. CONS: Misconceptions about what to expect. SUMMARY: The Slendertone isn’t like doing a sit up. It’s more like sucking in your gut. It causes your abs to contract (sucking in your gut), but there’s no resistance (sit-up), so you’re not really strengthening your abs. You are however toning them, and working on their endurance. RESULT: If you’re in shape and you go to the gym a lot, but you hate doing sit ups, this will help so you may only have to do sit ups once a week instead of three times a week. However, if you’re really over weight and you don’t go to the gym, you’ll get little to nothing out of this.”
Remember the Flex Belt is not a weight loss device it’s a toning device, so don’t expect it to be able to magically melt away fat. Does it replace healthy eating and exercise? No. Does it assist tummy toning? Yes.

The Flex Belt by Slendertone

The Flex Belt is our most powerful abs belt with advanced technical features to  deliver results in just 4 weeks

  • The Flex Belt uses clinically proven EMS technology to exercise all your abdominal muscles
  • Use 5 times a week for 4 weeks to see firmer, flatter, more defined abs.
  • The targeted pad placement ensures It delivers a complete abdominal workout to the
  • rectus, oblique and transversus abdominis muscles; firming and toning the whole area.
  • Design is suitable for both men and women

Independent clinical trials show:

  • 100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs
  • 80% reported a flatter stomach
  • 49% increase in abdominal strength
  • 72% increase in abdominal endurance
  • Average of 1.4inch waist reduction
  • 3 times more effective than its nearest competitor

Product Features

  • Handheld control unit
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Patented technology
  • 30-day toning plan
  • 10 toning programmes
  • ‘Warm up’ and ‘cool down’ phases
  • Up to 150 intensity levels
  • Certified to medical safety standards

Note: Includes an interchangeable, rechargeable controller designed to work with all  garments in the System range for total body toning.

Your Flex Belt System includes

  • The Flex Belt
  • Rechargeable & interchangeable controller (fits neatly into a pocket on the Flex  Belt
  • 10 Training Programmes
  • Intensity levels 1-150
  • 3 adhesive toning pads
  • Slendertone branded pouch
  • Full Instruction Manual & Quick Start Guide
  • Battery Charger Unit plugs into an electrical outlet

Each Flex Belt is a “single person” unit, as the Flex Belt tracks your progression through  the training programs and intensity levels.

For video testimonials check out the official Flex Belt site – SPECIAL OFFER – GET 10% OFF

How to Get a Flat Stomach and Toned Abs

There are two critical elements involved in obtaining a flat midsection. Of course what it also takes is persistence and consistency!

The first element in how to get a flat tummy is, of course, a relevant exercise routine, the second is an appropriate low fat, low sugar, diet with plenty of high protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

So what’s your motivation to sort out your poorly toned abs? A special occasion? Some medical challenge which awakened your senses? Or do you “just” want to look like Brad Pitt?  Find out the truth about six pack abs.

Exercise Routine

To help flatten your stomach and reveal those upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles you must perform a number of muscle-specific exercises to strengthen your core and build up your muscles.

Decline Board Crunches – with your feet elevated and your hands behind your neck, curl your upper body forward towards your knees, while contracting your stomach muscles.  Your shoulders should be elevated and only the small of your back and posterior should be touching the bench. Hold that position for a two-count, then return to start. Repeat for 50 repetitions for three sets.

Compound Crunches – Assume a supine position on the mat with your knees raised and hands behind your neck.
Curl your body forward with your right elbow moving towards your left knee and then with the left elbow towards the right knee. The knees should move towards the elbow at the same time as you move your elbow. Crunch your abs during the move.  Do 50 reps for three sets.

Incline Board – With your head elevated, perform the same exercise as in the decline board crunches. This exercise is not a repeat of the decline exercise, but tends to work the abs differently.

Roman Chair Sit-Ups – Using the Roman Chair where there is support for your legs only, perform slow sit-ups. Do 10 reps, three sets.

Roman Chair Back Raises – Assume the reverse position from the sit-ups. Lower your head towards the floor then raise your upper body while contracting your lower back muscles.  Do 10 reps, three sets.

Leg Raises – In a supine position on the mat with your arms at your sides, keep your legs straight while raising them slowly to about two feet off the floor. Hold that position for a five count, lower and repeat.  Do 20 reps for three sets.

Compound Leg Raises – In a supine position on the mat with your arms at your sides and keeping your legs straight, elevate your feet about two feet off the floor. Separate your feet until they are three feet apart and hold for a five count, bring them back together, lower and repeat for 20 reps. Perform three sets.


Exercises may build the muscle, but diet will display the results. You have to rid yourself of all underlying fat around your middle (and everywhere else) for all your hard work to reveal itself. Don’t hide those muscles away under layers of fat!
Your diet should consist of protein, the right kind of fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Protein – 25% of calories consumed. Carbohydrates – 40% of calories. Fats and Fiber – make up all the rest of your calories.

  • Avoid any simple carbohydrates: Refined sugar, refined flour, artificial sweeteners.
  • Minimize caffeine and alcohol.
  • Take supplements, like spirulina, chlorella, stabilized rice bran
  • Quality Bio Protein, mixed with water or raw milk
  • Kelp tablets
  • Lipotropic amino acids (Lipo3 Compound)
  • Wheat Germ Oil


Let’s make this simple: Just think of how good you are going to look in your bathing suit and the admiring glances you’ll receive from both sexes!  Not to mention the benefits to your overall health.

Getting a flat stomach and toned abs requires religious exercising combined with a careful diet to reveal your buffed muscles. As long as you keep up the momentum, you’ll see results pretty quickly. Your persistence and consistency will really pay you dividends.

To add a final ingredient and to supercharge your results I recommend the Flex Belt, a medical grade Ab Toning device.


Flex Mini – What Can It Do For You?

Tighten and lift your butt and the backs of your thighs.

The Flex Mini® employs the leading EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology to tone, tighten and shape your butt and thigh area.  EMS technology is a proven way to enhance muscle tone, and now, with the Flex Mini®, female consumers can work on those tough areas in the rear. The Flex Mini® can be used anytime, anywhere, during most activities, and by any woman. But the real benefit of the Flex Mini® is that it’s good for women who have a bit of flab about the buttocks and thighs, as well as for women who just want to keep things firm and toned. In other words, if you’re just beginning to care about the way things look down there, or if you’ve been working long and hard on your body, Flex Mini® can help expose that firm posterior you’ve always wanted….and you don’t even need to exercise!

Special Offer 10% Off - Discount shows on Order Page.

Clinical trials have proven that Flex Mini® is proven to work for 100% of users, and all participants in the study noticed major differences in their thighs and buttocks. Flex Mini® also uses the first EMS technology to be cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device. And now it is available for consumer purchase. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to tone and firm your rear end, and you’re tired of lunges, squats, lifts, and the like, then purchasing the Flex Mini® may be the smartest fitness choice you could make because it will flex those muscles for you.

Flex Mini - Clinically Demonstrated

Flex Mini®
offers adjustable stimulation spanning from level 1 to 99. As women use the Flex Mini® and muscle tone is improved, stimulation intensity can be increased in order to provide further challenge to the area. When things get intense enough, users will even feel soreness the next day, and without having to visit the gym in order to grunt through another painful workout. That’s right, you can use the Flex Mini at any time – while cleaning the house, talking a walk, cooking dinner, watching TV etc…

Need more information? Click here to check out the official website – the only place to buy the Flex Mini

Flex Belt – Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

The Flex Belt Uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation.  What is it?

A technological breakthrough to efficiently and electronically build muscle.  100% Medical Science.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is not all that new. It  was discovered in 1791 when an Italian scientist applied an electrical current to a muscle group, and discovered that the muscles flexed.

Flex Belt contractions

Flex Belt contractions

Following many years of usage in the medical industry, EMS devices such as The Flex Belt are now available for home use to improve muscle strength and physical appearance.

The original EMS devices were created for physical therapists, to help their patients with muscle growth and recovery. Today’s modern, EMS devices like the Flex Belt, are used for toning, strengthening and firming muscles plus enhancing performance in athletes and participants in a wide range of sports. The Flex Belt achieves this by targeting the oblique and abdominal core muscles, that when strengthened, can improve athletic prowess and even sexual stamina.

“When you use the Flex Belt EMS technology on your core you will tone your muscles, you will feel better in your clothes, your posture will improve, you’ll move better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll continue to make advances over time with consistency.” Dr. Frank Cohen – Renowned Chiropractor

In the 1960’s a group of Soviet sports scientists applied EMS in the training of elite athletes and claimed a 40 percent strength increase. Although the EMS devices of yesteryear were poorly understood, today’s versions can pinpoint muscle cells, blood vessels and nerves, making them a major technological advancement for injury recovery, and athletic training.  This is a good reason to purchase devices from reputable companies – some of which are FDA cleared, like the Flex Belt.

San Francisco 49er All Star, Jerry Rice explains The first time that I used it I was very surprised because it was working those muscles that I had been trying to work with crunches and I got the results that I wanted.”

Many of the EMS devices are built to improve strength, but are also marketed to individuals that simply want to look better. For example, the Flex Belt is designed to give the user a more toned and firm stomach, while the The Flex Mini is designed to help women tone and tighten the buttocks and backs of thighs.  The makers of the Flex Mini state that it literally works the same muscles as when doing squats, lunges, stiff leg dead lifts, plies, butt blaster, and hamstring curls.

Firm buttocks and thighs

Both the Flex Belt and the Flex Mini are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and can be purchased on their respective websites, www.theflexbelt.com and www.flexmini.com, for $199.99

How to Lose Abdominal Fat

“Middle Age Spread”

“Middle Age Spread” is the term used to describe deposits of fat that start to appear about our abdomens as we reach middle age. Originally thought to be a benign sign of the more sedentary lifestyle that comes with a relaxed career and family life, it is now understood that the buildup of abdominal fat is potentially harmful to our health. Of course, with a pre-dominant diet of junk food younger people can have a buildup of harmful abdominal fat. So it is not just restricted to the middle aged.


There are direct links between abdominal fat and Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, some forms of cancer and a variety of organ problems.

There are two types of abdominal fat: Subcutaneous, which is the fat that you can grab with your hands (your so-called “love handles”) and is just under the skin; and visceral fat, the fat surrounding the intestines and abdominal organs. A buildup of visceral fat is distinctly more harmful. So there are more reasons than only for the sake of your appearances that we should learn how to lose abdominal fat. Fortunately, both types of abdominal fat can be lost readily through dieting and exercise. By altering what we eat and how much we eat, our bodies will begin to burn up the excess adipose deposits.

Exercise speeds up our metabolism and develops muscle tissue, each of which contributes to losing both types of abdominal fat.

Dieting to Lose Abdominal Fat

It is important to note that going on a greatly reduced calorie diet can be counterproductive. Relics of our ancient Paleolithic metabolism responds to extreme calorie reduction by storing more fat because it thinks starvation may be around the corner. Talk about basic instincts!

With that in mind, it makes more sense to reduce our intake to between 1,800 and 2,000 calories per day, which is slightly below maintenance levels.

It is important to also maintain a diet log, keeping track of everything we eat so we have an accurate measure of caloric intake. Make one up for a week or so prior to beginning the fat loss diet, then cut calories accordingly. These days it’s easy to do a photo-log – simply take a photo on your phone before you start eating.  Don’t cheat!

It is also very important not to eat “bad” carbohydrates or oils. Refined sugars, starches and grains are sources of simple carbohydrates and will sabotage your dieting. Stay away from bread made from flour of any type, pasta and processed rice. In general, if it’s white leave it out.

Don’t eat processed foods. Generally defined as those that only require warming before serving. These are usually filled with chemical preservatives, including high-fructose corn syrup. Chances are that, if it’s in a box or packet then it contains ingredients you should avoid.

Your diet should mainly consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meats, poultry and fish. Alcohol consumption (empty calories converted to sugar by our metabolism) should also be minimized.

When you first begin your diet, restrict your carbohydrate intake to about fifty grams per day (buy a calorie and carbohydrate counter) until your weight begins to drop. After your weight nears your target, you may begin to slowly elevate your carb intake until you stop losing abdominal fat. This will probably be your maintenance point.
As you begin your exercise program, your protein intake should rise to about 25% of your caloric intake. Good protein-rich foods are: Eggs, organ meats, unprocessed beef, pork and chicken, fish, beans and other legumes.

Soy is not a good source of protein since it isn’t a good biological match to our bodies. This usually necessitates a huge consumption of soy products to derive all the essential amino acids necessary for tissue building and fat metabolizing.

Exercising to Lose Abdominal Fat

Strength and resistance training will build your muscles and increase the calorie consumption of your system. Muscles require more energy than fat – three times as much in fact.

Join a local health and fitness club or the YWCA and have a trainer set up a program of weight training. Minimize the cardiovascular exercises because they don’t really burn fat, but instead diminish muscle tissue.

Finally, remember you can use an accessory like the Flex Belt to tighten and tone those newly revealed abs.